Mildred Krebs; Played by Doris Roberts.

Mildred Krebs, the receptionist for the Remington Steele Detective Agency in the series Remington Steele, is played by Doris Roberts. She replaced Murphy Michaels and Bernice Fox after they left the agency (Murphy created his own agency, and Bernice supposedly got married). Mildred's character was introduced in the 2nd season, when she was an IRS agent auditing the mysterious Remington Steele (character). She became the receptionist shortly after tailing Remington to Acapulco where she was put on suspension for not returning to the IRS she stayed in Acapulco to help Remington and Laura Holt, Remington's partner, solve their case. She ended up enjoying it so much that, when she lost he job with the IRS, she decided to stay with the Remington Steele Detective Agency.

Mildred is diligent and quick to complete her share of the legwork. She is often dragged into cases, but her previous experience from the IRS makes her an excellent person to perform background checks or find key information about witnesses, victims and suspects. She really does enjoy her work, and is much more happy at the agency than she was in the IRS.